For over 50 years the Brent Centre for Young People (BCYP) has worked tirelessly to improve young people’s lives. The Centre’s specialist talking therapies reach over 700 young people per year in the local community who are suffering with mental health difficulties and may otherwise not receive support. Difficulties worked through include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicidality. BCYP helps young people through challenging experiences such as bereavement, bullying, relationship problems, issues at school and in the community, physical illness, and abuse. The Centre works with young people through 13 schools, the Youth Offending Service (YOS), in-house at the main site in Brondesbury, Northwest London, and other projects. 

Due to covid-19, the BCYP has experienced surging demand for its services. Funding from the Gamesys Foundation will help us to reach 200 vulnerable young people and better support their journey into adulthood. It significantly reduces our funding gap for the upcoming year, providing greater stability for our programmes, and extending our services both in-house, and more broadly in our community. 

“We are delighted and hugely grateful to the Gamesys Foundation for their support for our ongoing programmes. Our talking therapy services have been stretched due to increased demand caused by the covid-19 pandemic, but thanks to this new funding we’ll be able to reach more young people at this critical time.”

Dr. Maxim de Sauma, CEO and Clinical Director of the BCYP