Gamesys Foundation is supporting a Visitor Support Coordinator at The Listening Place. We support people who feel suicidal with face-to-face, ongoing, 100% confidential support. Support is delivered by well trained volunteers and continues for as long as the person needs. The grant from the Gamesys Foundation has allowed us to recruit an additional Visitor Support Coordinator at a time when the pandemic is creating increased demand for our services.

The average referrals each month has increased from 250 to 433 over the past 12 months.  Visitor Support Coordinators process these referrals which come from 125 partner organisations including major London hospitals, British Red Cross and the British Transport Police. They allow us to operate without a waiting list as they contact all referrals within 24 hours and offer a first appointment within a week.

The speed of this support is integral to the compassionate, responsive model we use to reduce people’s suicidal feelings and we know that this grant will help to save lives. Over the next year, we estimate that the grant will contribute to the support of 3500 suicidal individuals, improving the accessibility of effective suicide support in the capital.