The Bally’s  Foundation is supporting a clinical psychologist at the Oasis Nurture Child & Family Mental Health Programme – a pioneering school intervention for vulnerable children and families.

The project – based in a London primary school – consists of a multidisciplinary hub made up of clinical psychology, social work, psychotherapy, learning support, and the provision of practical resources for deprived children and families doubly impacted by poverty and the pandemic.

The Bally’s Foundation and Oasis Nurture are swiftly responding to a growing child mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic and set against a backdrop of worsening poverty. New research from NHS Data reveals a record high for referrals to child and adolescent mental health services in March 2021. At 65,533, it is more than double the number in March 2020 and 68% higher than March 2019. The average wait time for CAMHS services is 14 months.

Clinical psychologists deal with a range of mental health, developmental and relational problems presenting in childhood and adolescence. The clinician supported by the Bally’s Foundation will also support families and the school to ensure that children’s needs are being appropriately met through social services and other statutory child mental health provisions.