Victim Support Malta (VSM) is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation which provides support and assistance to victims of crime, such as theft and burglary, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and cybercrime. 

The Gamesys Foundation has supported their Project SPOT  

Project SPOT operates on a belief that survivors of suicide (whether bereaved or having a previous attempt), can regenerate to a state where they are healthy and self-sufficient members of the community.  The feedback from stakeholders in the field, SPOT clients, and the SPOT staff indicates that this service has had a very concrete and positive impact on local society. The service allows for those who have been in touch with suicide to access in depth, long term, support, and aims to reduce suicidality in two client groups which have been identified as high risk for completed suicide.  

The funds which have been generously donated by Gamesys foundation will be used to continue supporting individuals who have been in touch with suicide through project SPOT. Individual care plans are developed for each client of this service, and the aim of the service is to support and empower the client to achieve their goals. The primary goals focus on the clients basic needs, such as ensuring that the client is able to access work, education, housing, healthcare and childcare services, and that the client is able to care for their own nutritional and hygiene needs. Once it is ensured that all of these systems are in place, the client is able to access individual therapy and / or family therapy to continue to build and strengthen their internal and external support system. The ultimate goal, in to support the client to be physically and mentally healthy, self-sufficient state. 

“On behalf of our staff, volunteers, and clients, I would like to express our greatest thanks to the Gamesys Foundation for their support and their generous contribution.  We’re all energised to continue this work, and to strengthen our positive impact on the community.  These funds are imperative for us at the moment in order to continue to support individuals during this difficult period in which people may find themselves isolated from the community or spending prolonged time with individuals who may compromise their mental health”.  

Karl Grech, Head of SPOT programme